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Looking for the ideal solution to decrease your monthly electricity bills, boost your property worth, and take proactive stance towards environmental responsibility? Then getting a solar panel installed is the answer! Solar panels are a clean, green and affordable source of energy and power for homes and offices small and large.
The Benefits of Solar Panels Installation 
Photo-voltaic or solar panels reduce your property’s dependency on the major energy grids, and your power bill in turn. In fact, solar panels can generate more energy than the property’s needs. There is no waste, though. When this happens, the excessive electricity is immediately sent back into power grid. In lots of states, you’re allowed to sell the extra power back into utility company in the process known as net metering, decreasing the bill more.
Benefits of solar power incorporate: Lower electric bill
Environmental benefits: Decrease your carbon footprints, and run your house  and even car on emission-free and clean energy
Boost your property’s resale value
Net metering: Sell excess electricity to utility company for lower energy bills
Take benefit of tax credit from the AZ and federal government 
Our Solar Panels Installation Procedure 
Unlike lots of electric stores and other companies who install solar just as a side business, solar is all that we do. As experts, we take great pride in offering our clients with top-quality and world class solar equipment, as well as installing them right. Here’s what to expect whenever you work together with us:
FREE solar estimates 
Not each property is appropriate for solar. We understand that, and do not think that you should pay money to find where you stand in reality. Our solar evaluations are free always. We send a certified and trained solar technician to the property, who surveys your property fully to gauge apt space and sun exposure. If this checks out, we review your utility bills and write down a detailed quote of your system, which includes available incentives and estimated savings.

Save money in the long run

Best Choice

Solar system designing 
One size doesn’t fit all when solar arrays are considered. We spend time to speak with you to find out your lifestyle and energy needs in the future and now. Then, we design the system for an ideal fit.
Top-quality solar panels 
Just like most of the product types, the solar panel quality differs. Cheap equipment hardly pays off in long run. That is why we install top-class solar panels, inverters, wiring, and other equipment only.
Expert solar panel installations 
Our dedicated and committed solar panel installation crew does nothing however install and service the solar panels and all related products. We understand how to efficiently and safely install your solar panels for the best aesthetic appeal, while also protecting the uprightness of your own roof and all other structures of the property.
Solar Maintenance 
Once solar panels are installed, your panels will reliably offer power with minimum maintenance. However, it is a great idea to evaluate your system on a regular basis and service it whenever needed to ensure its optimal performance and longevity. We are very happy to offer this service to all of our clients as well.