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From start to end of your solar installation for your home, we are here to offer a customized solar panels system to maximize power of sun and your specific budget. Along the way in the installation project, we’ll explain how your residential solar system will work exactly and review product guarantees and warranties so that you know what to expect and your rights. We’ll also assist you apply for local, AZ and federal solar incentives!
Our Process
Site Survey 
Our team review your structural supports and rafters inside roof and your key electrical panel sizing as well as condition. Then we produce 3D model for your house.
You’re assigned personal Project Manager that will be your liaison all through the solar project. Moreover, you’ll be updated on every aspect of solar project weekly to make sure that you aren’t inconvenienced overly and are kept well informed on what’s going on exactly.
Our in-house expert engineers will turn layout you approved in a final solar system design package. Our systems are engineered well to last. We always optimize production, ensure integrity of your house, and help you attain worry-free power generation for years ahead.

Services for the Home-owners

Install solar panels on roof at your home & save money.you can see our reviews page for your satisfaction.

Client's Reviews

Engineering and Designing
We navigate all and any required permitting processes in order that you do not need to.  Most of the solar projects need city permits for structural review, floodplain review and electrical approval. We work with CenterPoint closely to assist you get approval for interconnecting your solar arrays and upgrading your meter. We even work with HOA to arrange all necessary reviews and approval for every solar project.
Permitting Our solar installation uses only the best quality components. We even take care with workmanship of solar panels system which will go in your house.     
Our priorities during installation: The solar panel installation services are fully codes compliant, integrity of your house is preserved, solar panel system does well, and any experiences with our team is enjoyable and friendly.  
What we do for maximizing appeal of solar panel systems: manage wires and channel runs to minimize the visual impact, ensure that solar panels are aligned precisely, and avoid needlessly visible railing. he procedure itself takes from three days to 7 days.
We arrange as well as liaison for all needed inspections. We will be present so that you don’t need to be.
All our solar panels systems come with a free panels-level production monitoring. So, you’ll be capable to check production right from your computer or phone at any time. In case something happens with your solar panels system, you will get an email alert; although you aren’t monitoring actively. Thus, you never need to worry for it.
Maintenance and Monitoring
We ensure to monitor and maintain your solar systems. Going solar is a very affordable method to avoid increasing energy costs while assisting leave a clean planet for you as well as your family.